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Quick Nikka Yoichi Single Cask 5 Year Review

Nikka is one of favorite distilleries out there.  I love the 10 year old version of the Yoichi Single Cask but this 5 year old is an odd one.  Really odd.

Nikka Yoichi Single Cask 5 Year

Nikka Yoichi Single Cask 5 Year Label

Cask 400862  Bottled at 64%

Nikka Yoichi Single Cask 5 Year

Color –  light gold, slight shade of copper

Nose – dark and menacing, a lot of layers, strong alcohol vapors, hints of blue cheese, italian herbs, malty sweetness

Palate – Raw spirit, hints of oak and spice, malty

Finish: tongue numbing, short, viscous.

This is waaaaaay too young, needs more time to develop, the 10 year is so much better. One dimensional.  It is interesting to compare this with the 10 year old and see how much of a difference those 5 years make.

*Update* Joshua over at the Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society gives a lot better review and description of this expression here.


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Nikka Pure Malt White Review #Whisky #Nikka

This is an extremely affordable bottle of whisky (less than $20).  You can pick it up at most liquor stores in Japan.  I happen to get mine at an electronic store – Bic Camera.  This is a vatting of Nikka’s Yoichi distillery (Sapporo, Hokkaido) and Islay whiskies.

Nikka Pure Malt White

C: Copper

N: dusty wood floor, oak, floral, candies

P: strong alcohol heat, oak, strong initial bite then calms down quickly, spices, hint of vanilla, slightly numbing feeling, smoke, some kind of soap flavor that is distracting.

A very drinakble and interesting dram, especially at the price point.  If it was easier for me to get here in San Francisco it would be my daily dram or as I sometimes refer to it as the “table” whisky.

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Nikka Yoichi 10 Single Cask Review #whisky

I read some interesting reviews about this whisky in Whisky Magazine so I had to try to get a bottle.   Unfortunately, as far as I know Nikka

Nikka Yoichi 10 Single Cask

doesn’t distribute in the US so I had to try to source the bottle in Japan.  Even in Japan it is a little difficult to find this bottle.  I was finally able to have one shipped to me (in Japan) from the distillery in Yoichi.  This is one of the more interesting and flavorful whiskies I have had – which isn’t saying too much as I haven’t been drinking whisky for all that long.  But in any event here are my impressions:


N: initially earthy, oak, fungal. Smoke comes out later, cereal notes, dark and mysterious, complex.

P: sweet initially, moving towards those mushroom/earthy notes, then sliding into some smoke then BIG malt/oak and alcohol. There is definitely a lot going on here – not for the feint of heart.

F: lingering burn on the tongue, middle weight, coating.

Nikka Yoichi 10 Single Cask Label

With Water

N: saw dust, saloon floor, sweet notes seem to be enhanced.

P: tames the alcohol some, sweeter, earthy mushroom tones not as prevailing, malt is still there, almost a little bitter now.


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