Laphroiag Triple Wood

I made a promise to myself recently to refrain from any sophomoric humor relating to whiskies, including the amount of wood present – although triple is quite impressive.  An unfortunate fact is that this expression of Laphroaig is only available in travel retail so don’t expect to find this anywhere that doesn’t require a boarding pass.

Laphroaig’s Quarter Cask is one of my favorite affordable Islay whiskies so I was really looking forward to trying the Triple Wood.   The Quarter Cask takes whisky that was matured in standard bourbon barrels then transfers it to smaller quarter casks where more of the whisky comes in contact with the barrel.  The Triple Wood is similar to the Quarter Cask expression except that it goes through one more round of maturation in Oloroso Sherry.

Laphroaig Triple Wood ~$100 (for one liter)
48% ABV

Color:  Light bronze

Nose:  Signature sweet peat, smoke, lots of oak influence, meaty, apple wood chips, cinnamon

Palate:  Peat, coal/ash, rich oak, oak spice, full bodied, rich, silky, leather

Finish:  Medium-long, peat and ash

Comment:  A very woody Laphroaig as expected, richer and deeper than the Quarter Cask.  I think I would still reach for the Quarter Cask if given the choice but this Triple Wood is very – very good! – Chris

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  1. gal


    nice Blog theme!

    I agree. I also was looking to tasting it for a long time (1 yr ago i mean) and was a but disappointed with it. i think QC is better indeed.
    I had gone thourgh a lot of customs issues with this dram, and finally i gave up on importing it … My friend Kfir brought it over quite a while ago.
    for the entire story, check out this link :

    This is like the Lagavulin 16 DE of Laphraoigs, but it does not fly high enough…



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