The Whisky Cocktail

Love ’em or hate ’em, whisky cocktails are back on top… some say they never left.  And some are completely new to the scene.  In any event, I dig a whisky-based cocktail, particularly when done right.  With that in mind, the Whisky Wall will be featuring a series of articles for weeks (and hopefully months) to come.  In addition to our regular content, these articles will highlight whisky-based cocktails, the bartenders that deliver the classics or are honing that cutting edge, and the bars that are taking part in contributing to quality whisky cocktail culture.  To mix things up a bit (pun unintended but welcome), we will be drawing upon interviews and video footage when possible.  Next week will feature San Francisco’s 83 Proof, home to movers and shakers (or stirrers) of some classic and novel expressions.  (And I promise to put the puns to rest.) – Nate

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