Up Coming Whisky Event in San Francisco: Whiskies of the World Expo

This marks the 12th year of the Whiskies of the World Expo which will be held on Saturday March 26, 2011 on the San Francisco Belle, Hornblower Yacht.  Don’t worry it is not actually going out into the bay, it will be docked.  So if you aren’t walking straight we will assume you drank too much, not that you lack sea legs.

There is a very impressive list of whiskies that will be poured as well as several artisanal spirits which makes this event unique. Several master classes lead by Master Distillers and Brand Ambassadors are scheduled for the evening. And very importantly, as I love to eat, a full buffet dinner will be available for all to enjoy. This is a great chance to get try some new whiskies as well as to meet and chat with some of the folks that have a hand in making them.  There are also going to be several new products that will be making their debut at the Expo.

It is always a good idea to go to such large tastings with a plan of attack.  Attempting to simply go down the line of booths trying everything is a very dangerous proposition.  I have targeted the whiskies that I am most interested in trying first and if I have anything left I will move on to some others.

To find out more information and purchase tickets (I believe the VIP tickets are sold out) you can visit www.whiskiesoftheworld.com.  To plan out your evening, you can see the list of whiskies and spirits being poured here.

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One response to “Up Coming Whisky Event in San Francisco: Whiskies of the World Expo

  1. Sveta

    I’ll be there for sure, love whisky.. and guys in kilts:)

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