Whisky Bottles and Clown Cars

Yes, that is correct, I said (wrote) clown cars in a whisky posting. Those little tiny cars that seem to accommodate an endless number of clowns within their small confines. This will be relevant trust me, really it will be…I hope.

This post deals with a practical problem for those with an affinity for purchasing bottles of whisk(e)y. One of my many problems is I keep buying new bottles before old ones are finished. There also always seems to be a few bottles with a only a little bit left of the good stuff in there and I can never seem to bring myself to polish them off. This results in a monumental waste of space – it also subjects the whisky to oxidation.

To compound my problem my unfortunate lot in the family storage shelf is fairly plebeian. I am allotted one out of a possible nine shelves to store my whisky bottles. I choose not to engage the significant other in a battle for more space as it is probably not worth the expenditure of resources and accompanying aggravation. In any event, it did not take long for the bottle sprawl to start expanding out of said allotted one shelf. Bottles started showing up on other shelves and in the kitchen. Sufficed to say, these expansionist movements were met with fierce resistance.

It was at this point that I wished for the whisky shelf equivalent of a clown car. Where I could store bottle after bottle after bottle of whisky within the small yet clearly defined allowed space.  Unfortunately for me though I never could figure out how they squeezed so many clowns into such a small car. So I haven’t been able to resolve my whisky bottle problem using the same methodology. What I did do to address the problem was buy a lot of smaller (2 and 4 ounce) glass bottles.  They aren’t that pricey at all, actually the shipping was almost as much as the bottles themselves.  I bought mine here.  Then I transferred the meager contents of the standard whisky bottles into the more proper fitting smaller bottles.  Will it help with the oxidation issue?  I have no idea – me and science didn’t get a long in school.  So if any one would like to chime in I would much appreciate it.

By downsizing the bottles I am able to save a bunch of room on the whisky shelf and can now fit more in there.  However, as you probably see it coming too, space will soon run out again.  Not sure what I am going to do then.  Actually I do: drink more, more often.


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2 responses to “Whisky Bottles and Clown Cars

  1. Hello whiskywall, just wanted to say that I feel you made some very interesting points in this post. In fact, I wrote a nice article on my own blog urging my readers to give it a read! I hope that you like it! – cars2scrap.

  2. Thanks William for the mention on your blog. We checked it out. Good read!

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