Misery Loves Company

Or so they say. I argue dramming –  sipping on some whisky – loves company even more. This is a fairly obvious observation that most will agree with, however, I was reminded about how true this is recently. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to get together with some fellow whisky enthusiasts (it took me a little while to think of the best euphemistic term to insert here) to sit around and enjoy some whisky and more importantly each others’ company.

Most of the time taking down tasting notes on a whisky requires a certain amount of solitude. It can be pretty tough to really analyze and write down what flavors you recognize in a whisky when chatting with others. As treky as it seems, when taking down notes I like to be by myself and sit with a whisky for some time. To be honest though, in my opinion this is not enjoying whisky.

Whisky is a unifier, a social magnet that brings us together. There is a time and place for getting analytical and nerdy about the smallest details of the flavor profile of a whisky but ultimately whisky is not intended to banish us into seclusion so that we can break it down piece by piece.

I don’t know about you, but when I taste a good dram I want others to try it and get their impressions.  It is more fun to share the experience in the company of others…be warned though this can sometimes lead to drinking benders that you will regret the next morning.

So back to my recent get together…the whiskies that were in attendance were phenomenal.  There were expressions that I could never afford, never find, and never even knew about.  And as you can imagine, they tasted Amazing!  But the real enjoyment came from talking about and listening to others talk about the whiskies.  Yes, there was  a certain amount of analyzing going on, but it was a discussion, not a solitary scribe session.  We spoke about the nose and flavors of the whiskies, but we also shared stories about our travels, families, backgrounds and many other humorous experiences.  We shared stories and drams for several hours – it was a great time.  Eventually, though, the session did have to come to an end so we called it a night.

The whisky was amazing, but the company was even better.  So to Peter, Jason and Tim thank you, I enjoyed the company  and look forward to the next time we can share a couple of drams together again.  And to everyone: remember that dramming loves company too!

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One response to “Misery Loves Company

  1. Peter

    And thank you for coming over and bringing those incredible Japanezers, that definitely was an epic evening of whisky!

    I’m digging the new look by the way.

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