Ichiro on the Horizon

So I thought it would be a good idea to line up a little tribute to Ichiro’s lesser sample whiskies outside of Japan.  And that might happen… but I couldn’t wait to drink some of his superlative expressions.  Or one in particular, as it is.  So let’s revisit the Single Malt Newborn Double Matured, straight outta’ Chichibu and pouring.  This is one of those whiskies I knew I would like before I ever tried it.  Self-fulfilling prophecy?  Maybe.  But true nonetheless.  With a nose of muted sugars and restrained heat, you can’t help but wonder just where the 61.3% is locked up.  Few can pull that off.  61.3% and under two years of age?  Only one person pulls that off: Ichiro.  Dense plum/apricot, dark grains and bright edge-of-the-tongue presence.  Less than two years but somewhere between a bourbon barrel and some new American oak Ichiro delivers… and lush-but-subtle caramel and spice stick around.  And still the heat holds back, building nicely on the back of the throat.  And I don’t remember eating barbeque tonight but I can taste it somewhere.  I’d like to say more… but I’m going to drink more instead.  More on Ichiro soon.

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Filed under Chichibu, Whisky Impressions

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