What Have You Done For Whisky

There is an extremely thin line between liking something and being obsessed with that same something. Think hard about how to decide which one it is for you when it comes to whisky…

Isn’t denial grand?

Besides spending more money than I would care to calculate, let alone admit, I have done a lot of things I probably wouldn’t do for most other “interests”. Far from being crazy or wild here are a few samples: Leaving work early to attend a whisky tasting, breaking away during lunch to run down to the local whisky shop to pick up the latest bottling – all fairly uninspiring events you might be telling yourself.

Then there is the I am going to hop a 2 hour plane ride to a distillery for two days when I am in country for only 5, supposedly to visit the family and in-laws. Then pile onto that same trip, a drive 3 hours each way to visit another distillery. That’s a lot of traveling and well let’s face it: a whole lot of Me time. I have sacrificed many a next work day’s productivity due to a little too much researching whisky the night before into the wee hours.

Even from the comforts of my own home – At midnight, calling the Duty Free store in Germany with a buddy to find out what whisky they have since his wife will be traveling through there that same day and we had to provide her with our shopping list. To add to the fun, neither of us speak a lick of German: definitely not normal behavior. But it was quite an interesting phone call. Oh and what the hell! Potentially break a couple federal laws by shipping spirits across the country and the world. Truth be told though, there are a lot of folks out there that have done a lot more extreme things than I have.

So what does all of this mean, other than that I am fairly irrational when it comes to conduct related to whisky. I have no idea. But what I do know is that it is not a one way street. Whisky has provided me with significant benefits, other than the obvious ones. It has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people from all over the world, travel to many beautiful places, reconnect as well as regularly meet with friends and focus my energy on something that I am truly interested in and passionate about. As an added benefit it has also given me a legitimate reason to suggest to my wife, “Hey let’s go visit your family.” (The ones that live 40 minutes from the distillery). Obsessed, I think not.

How about you? What have you done?


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5 responses to “What Have You Done For Whisky

  1. gal

    very nice..
    we’re obsesses.

    what have i done, well:

    1.ship samples from and to every corner of the world (USA,sweden,denmark,germany,england,taiwan,India)
    2.visit my post office regularly to pick up bottles
    3.talking with friend worldwide when they are in duty frees
    4.calling a dude named paul 😉

    what wouldn’t we do for a dram.


  2. Anthony

    Next time you need German spoken at midnight, give me a call….

  3. The things I’ve done/have planned to do:
    1. I’ve used annual leave from work to attend whisky events
    2. Next week I’m flying from Lagos to Joburg to attend Whisky Live Festival (had to take two days leave!)
    3. Got a BlackBerry just so I could access Twitter at work so as not to miss whisky news and reviews
    4. Started a whisky club that takes further time to administer
    5. I started a whisky blog 🙂
    6. Had whiskies, samples and books shipped all the way to South Africa
    7. Made 26 samples for myself and brought them to Lagos while I work here for a few months (http://twitpic.com/303z74)
    8. Whenever travelling anywhere I’ll go out of my way to visit whisky specialty stores/distilleries/people

    The time I spend on whisky, is ME time.

    Great post. Slainte.

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