Ardbeg Supernova Battle (Supernova 2009 versus Supernova 2010)


Well the much anticipated Ardbeg Supernova 2010 edition finally made it into my hands.  There has definitely been a lot of talk about this release.  Ardbeg has done well with their marketing lately.  Between the original Supernova, Correvrecken, Rollercoaster and now this 2010 release of Supernova they have managed to create quite a stir.

Well, I really enjoyed the 2009 Supernova.  You can see my review of that release here. So I was hoping that the 2010 release would live up to its predecessor.  There were some changes to the 2010 release including a slight bump in the ABV – from 58.9% to 60.1%.   I am not going to go into all of the details of the two releases as there is plenty of information available on other sites.

To make things a little more interesting I decided to do a semi-blind tasting on these two.  I wanted to compare them without bringing in the baggage of my preconceived ideas of which one should taste like what.  So I found myself staring at two identical classes without knowing which one was which – all I knew was they were both Supernova.

Glass One:

Color – Pale straw

Nose – As expected BIG peat, hints of chocolate, ashes, lemon/lime.

Palate – Again, as expected – peat up front, oak, some ashy-ness, strong alcohol backbone really brings a big punch.

Finish – Did I mention peat?  some sweetness at the end and a nice mid-tongue numbness

Glass Two:

Color – Pale straw

Nose – Peat, the alcohol seems brighter, sweet, hints of orange, some ash

Palate – A lot of heat, intense, peat and ash, a slight bitter note, oranges again, oak/wood, tongue numbing

Finish – Peat and that slight bitterness, you get the sweetness at the end too, a nasal alcohol burn.

So, which one was which???




Glass one = SN2010

Glass two = SN2009

The main characteristics of Supernova were present in both – big intense peat and alcohol.  There were some slight differences between the two.  I don’t think I would be able to pick up any difference if I wasn’t trying them back to back.  So the following comments are more of splitting hairs than anything else:

The difference to me was that the 2009 seemed more raw and had more rough edges.  There was a sense of a greater intensity in the 2009 – but trust me the 2010 is plenty intense.

The 2010 seemed to tame the alcohol better, even though it got the slight bump in ABV over the 2009.  There was a better incorporation of the flavors.

So what’s the bottom line for me?  I personally preferred the 2009.  It is loud and proud of what it is and doesn’t give a d@mn if you don’t like it.  Isn’t that kind of the premise of the Supernova?

*Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures – this was an in prompt to tasting*


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3 responses to “Ardbeg Supernova Battle (Supernova 2009 versus Supernova 2010)

  1. Gal

    nice review mate!
    i loved the 2009, but i am not so sure i will buy the 2010.
    have u got a wee sample of the 2010?

  2. Thanks! and I am working on it for ya!

  3. I just got 2 bottles of the Supernova 2010 today and I am going to be reviewing it on my website also….I already have a few reviews on my blog and I think any scotch lover will love to read them…..cheers! and


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