So Was It Worth It?

So how do you place a value on something.  Or how do you decide if something was “worth it”?  Living in San Francisco my views on value are probably a little skewed.  I mean damn, a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo can be $600K on the low end.  In any event, earlier today I was sipping some Port Ellen that we purchased for one of our tasting events.  We had never tried a Port Ellen before.  They are just so damn expensive.  But I guess that’s what you get into when the distillery is no longer around.  There is only a finite amount of the spirit left in this world and it will never return.  Well, we were able to scrape up enough attendees to purchase the most “affordable” bottle of Port Ellen: $275.

So it got me to thinking:  at that price point were the contents really worth it?  After visiting this PE twice, I don’t think so.  Don’t get me wrong it was a tasty treat and an experience that I will remember, but there are so many other great bottles of whisky out there that are a lot cheaper.  Maybe it is all about perspective?  Maybe the feeling for some dropping that amount of cash is the same as for me when I pick up a $75 bottle?  But I personally don’t know many people that can spend that kind of cash.  This isn’t even really taking into consideration those bottles that are in another stratosphere, think crystal decanters and age statements that pre-date the Vietnam war.

So are there any bottles that you feel were expensive and also felt were worth the price?  I dropped $230 on a Glenfarclas 1974, it was hands down worth it for me.

Anyways, back to sipping my $20 Nikka Pure Malt White while sitting in my $1700/month (not including ANY utilities) 2 bedroom, 1 bath townhouse that is considered a steal…


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5 responses to “So Was It Worth It?

  1. Gal

    1700$ is indeed not cheap 😦

    i never paid more than 120 $ on a dram…

  2. Laphroaig 30 year for $300. Totally worth it for me. It’s still my favorite whisky, it’s now extremely rare, and it makes for a great special occasion dram to share with friends.

    Secret Stills 2.1, a 40 year old Cragganmore from two Sherry Hogsheads, distilled in 1966. Limited to 500 bottles, and under $200 (when TWE still had it). Once again, totally worth it.


    • I have had a sample of the 30 and love it!

      The Secret Stills one sounds really interesting too. At that age I would have thought they would be asking for more than < $200

  3. Chris, great post. I bought a bottle of Glenmorangie Quarter Century for just over a “quarter” of it’s retail price here in the states. Would I do it again? At that price, yes. Worth every penny. It is an $800 bottle? No. Make it a cask strength version and we’ll talk…

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